Wave Wrap Up – VKWC 2015 Dakhla Morocco – Highlights Day 2

The Professional Kiteboard Riders Association (PKRA) is starting a new era as Virgin came on board to become the official series partner of its Kitesurf World Championships. Continue reading

UP YOUR GAME with the 2015/16 Naish Kite Collection

Whether you’re looking to fly a higher, travel a little further, cruise more comfortably, or cut a little harder, the newest additions to the Naish lineup will take your riding to new heights. With 4 new kites, ergonomic harnesses, a sporty board and a refined control system, we have plenty of gear to help you up your game.

Thoughtfully designed with heightened durability, performance and convenience in mind, the newly refined shapes are a must try for any passionate kiter.

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